Everything we are taking on the Trip

It has been very difficult to find complete and comprehensive lists for of what other people have taken on their expeditions. We therefore would like to share everything what we are taking.


  • 2 Surly Long Haul Disk Truckers
    After quite extensive research we decided to go with Long Haul Truckers. Steel frame, 26inch wheels, Shimano Sora, Drop Handle shifters. It has the lot. This is the most popular bike for long distance cycle tourers. We went for the disk brake version due to the heavy loads we will be carrying and stopping in the rain is a priority for us!

  • 2 Bob Yak Trailers
    There's a hot debate as to whether trailers or panniers are better over long distances. Historically everyone would have taken panniers, but in recent years, the tides have been turning. I personally have had poor experiences with Panniers so we are trying the trailer due mainly to its raving reviews. The Bob is the most common trailer used internationally and are pertained to be bullet proof. With 100l of storage capacity and all on one 18inch wheel, they are handy items to have. 

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