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Branding Cairo 2 Cape Town

A couple of months ago we bought the domain name to Cairo 2 Cape Town, and we have since been working on the weekends and evenings to build the website and the branding. As we are cycling, we want to share as much as possible about the trip from our YouTube channel. As an architecture student, I have learnt the power of presentation and the difference it can make in how people perceive information. We wanted the website to feel youthful and vibrant, communicating the creative individuals we are, and how the trip will be.

The logo has taken a few weeks of development and has been designed to communicate 3 main ideas;

Our name, Africa and Cycling. Simple.

This has translated itself into an abstracted globe, with the continent of Africa in the centre. The continent itself is made from the initials of Cairo 2 Capetown, C2C, which in turn create an abstracted bicycle.

After a couple of months of hard work, we are now at a position where we have a strong base from which to build our vlog and our story, and we hope you like it as much as we do.